Never underestimate the power of a great first impression. When someone passes by your home, you want them to take notice of its beauty and presence in the neighborhood, or what is also known as your curb appeal. Curb appeal enhancements can truly up the wow-factor of your home, along with its overall value on the market. Contrary to popular belief, indoor renovations are not the only way to boost your home’s value! Luckily, it’s fairly cost-effective and simple to improve the look of your front entryway, no matter if it’s the walkway, driveway or both. Keeping this in mind, here are a few ideas that can boost your curb appeal. 

1. It Begins With Your Front Door

If you’re on a budget, this is a great place to concentrate your resources. It’s amazing how much better a simple coat of paint and new hardware can make your home look. If you’re seeking something a bit more dramatic, considering replacing the door entirely with something more modern — such as an arched doorway. 

2. Make it a Destination

Your yard can be so much more than a patch of grass that sits quietly and behaves itself, going unnoticed for years. A little bit of hardscaping can take that patch a long way, turning your yard into an exciting space where people want to be. A patterned walkway that leads to a small water feature, such as a reflecting pond with a bench tucked nearby creates the perfect ambiance to welcome someone to your home. 

3. Connect Your Backyard Outdoor Living Space to the Front

You may have already created the perfect backyard living space, complete with an outdoor kitchen and patio or fire pit, but wouldn’t it be nice if you could bring that feeling to the front yard as well? A simple way to achieve this is with a wraparound porch that fully encompasses the entryway and front door. It’s welcoming and homey, with plenty of room to gather, hang out, decorate and make memories. Another idea is to build your driveway all the way up to your front door. This creates a sense of community and the feeling of openness with your visitors and neighbors. 

On the flipside, you could go big with built-in stone seating that esconces your front door; matching the other outdoor elements in your backyard. This creates a sense of continuity in all of your outdoor spaces!

4. Consider a New Walkway 

Walkways come in a variety of natural-looking materials these days, making it easy to create and customize any look you desire. If you’re looking for a walkway that smoothly integrates with nature and is easy to care for, gravel could be the perfect option. This provides for good drainage while also blending well with the surrounding landscape. If you’re seeking want a highly-stylized look with a lot of precision and sharp lines, stone would provide a variety of styles, colors, and textures to match your aesthetic. Straightforward, contemporary looks call more for clean lines with sharp edges, so harder, mono color stone that is able to be cut with precision is a good bet.

More Ideas to Come!

Here at COVIS, we’re always thrilled to hear about what our friends are up to with their home projects. If you’d like to bounce ideas off someone, get more awesome tips, or learn about your many design options, we’re always here to chat. Get in touch any time for a chat, a consultation, or just to say hi.