Get Ahead of the Game With Winter Installation

Backyard dreams can become a reality when there is goal, a plan and commitment to getting things done. A local hardscape contractor is a great asset when it comes to transforming an ordinary backyard into a beautiful, outdoor living space. When people use the search phrase “custom hardscaping near me,” it’s often because they want to speak to an expert craftsman about installing a custom-built swimming pool in their yard.

Some people mistakenly think they have to wait until summer to schedule hardscaping in Haymarket. The fact is, however, there are several benefits to completing a pool project during winter months. The following list shows four good reasons to build a dream pool in winter:

  • Less time to obtain a building permit
  • Saves time and money
  • Won’t destroy summer foliage and plants
  • More time for swimming fun in summer

These are just a few of many benefits that come from building a dream pool during winter. Especially with the expertise of an experienced local hardscape contractor, by the time warmer weather comes around, there’s plenty of time to swim! There’s no need to wait for project completion.

Permits Are Easier to Get in Winter Months

When spring arrives, there are often long wait times when it comes to applying for a building permit. Sunlight and mild weather prompts many people to start hardscaping projects. Winter construction, on the other hand, often means it will take less time to get a needed building permit.

Take Advantage of Winter Prices

Winter hardscaping in Haymarket often includes sale prices. At the height of pool season, everyone who owns or is building a pool is in the market to hire contractors or purchase supplies. There’s a great chance of getting a great deal on price when construction begins in winter.

If Plants Get Damaged, There’s Time for New Growth

Excavation often causes damage to grass, foliage and other palnts. Winter construction allows plenty of time for plants to be restored. By the time spring arrives, they’ll look nice again rather than having lawn damage during pool season. Let’s talk dream pools today!