Deep Cleaning an Outdoor Fireplace Makes It Last Longer

Fireplace builders and custom fire pit contractors are expert craftsmen who transform ordinary backyards into spectacular outdoor living spaces. When a local fire pit builder installs a new project, it’s only the beginning. Proper maintenance is also important to make an outdoor fireplace or fire pit last. Custom fire pit contractors recommend power washing as part of a maintenance plan. Before Googling “find a fireplace contractor near me,” check out the following list that includes four helpful power washing tips for backyard fireplaces:

  • Determine if gas or electric pressure washer would be best.
  • Use eye and ear protection.
  • Keep spray tip at least18 inches away from surface.
  • Use up and down motion to wash surface.

Many outdoor fireplaces and fire pits are made of stone. Especially if a fireplace is used often, stones can darken from dirt build-up. A local fire pit builder can recommend which type of power washer would be best to help remove dirt and restore the fresh, bright look of natural stones.

Pros and Cons to Gas or Electric Washers

Power washing an outdoor fireplace or fire pit requires moving around the structure. A gas-powered washer comes in handy because it doesn’t have to be attached to an electrical outlet. Gas-powered pressure washers also tend to be more powerful. Using an electric power washer eliminates the burden of having to do constant maintenance on a gas engine. Electric washers are lighter weight as well, which makes them somewhat easier to handle.

Keep Personal Safety in Mind

Pressure washers are machines that produce high levels of water pressure, which is why they are useful to remove dirt and grime build-up on an outdoor fireplace or fire pit. It’s always best to wear eye and ear protection when using these machines.

Don’t Get Too Close to the Surface

Lingering in one spot too long can damage a surface when using a pressure washer. To give an outdoor fireplace a fresh new look, keep the spray apparatus at least 18 inches away and use a consistent up and down motion to spread the water evenly. Let’s talk about outdoor fireplace maintenance!