Keep an Outdoor Firepit Look Great and Functioning at Its Best

Gainesville firepit experts often deal with the elements. Autumn months, in particular, often bring heavy rainfall to this area. During summer months, intense heat from sunlight quickly evaporates moisture. In colder weather, an outdoor firepit might stay damper than usual, which can be problematic.

Gainesville hardscaping contractors design and install all sorts of hardscape projects, often evaluating soil conditions, slope, patio designs, surrounding brush or foliage and more. Choosing the best location to install a firepit is part of their expertise. Gainesville hardscaping contractors understand that it’s best to avoid placing a firepit where it will be constantly exposure to wet conditions.

Keep Drainage in Mind When Installing an Outdoor Firepit

One of the reasons a person might Google the phrase “find a hardscaper near me” is to learn more about draininge and how it pertains to an outdoor firepit. To avoid water build-up in a burner, weep holes are often drilled into the burner pan. This allows rainfall to pass straight through.

Not all firepits have weep holes. Those with vents have similar drainage benefits. If a vent is located at the bottom of a pit’s sidewall, water will drain out through the opening just it would through a weep hole.

An Uncovered Firepit Will Get Wet When it Rains

Not only during autumn months, but throughout the rest of the year as well, it’s always best to order a cover to protect a backyard firepit from the elements. Protective covers also help keep a firepit clear from piles of leaves or other debris, which can lead to structural damage, especially if the rubble is soggy and sits in the basin for a long time. Some covers are made of vinyl, and these must be kept taughtly in place to avoid puddling on top. Sturdier metal covers are another option, particularly for wood-fueled firepits because they can extinguish a flame as well as offer rain protection.

Water can cause rusting in an outdoor firepit. If water freezes and thaws, it can cause cracks. Call us today for more info on design, installation and firepit weather protection!