Winterization Tips to Help Extend the Shelf Life of a Fire Pit

Haymarket fire pit contractors often help make backyard dreams a reality. Hours upon hours of family fun and entertainment can take place around a beautifully designed patio that features a custom-built fire pit. When winter rolls in, however, a fire pit that is not properly maintained or protected might suffer damage due to cold weather and precipitation.

The following list includes numerous winter tips that can help keep a fire pit in excellent working condition:

  • Keep pathways and surrounding areas cleared.
  • Properly store firewood to avoid getting wet.
  • Never leave a fire pit uncovered in winter.
  • Make sure pit is free of wet leaves, trash and other debris.

These tips are helpful to fire pit owners throughout the year, but especially during winter months. A local hardscaper can provide recommendations for protective covering when a fire pit is installed. Haymarket fire pit contractors can help a prospective client explore options to fit the needs of a particular model or design. For instance, a snuffer cover works well for a wood-burning fire pit but isn’t a necessity for a gas-fueled pit.

Why It’s So Important to Keep Rubble and Debris Away

If a build-up of leaves, wet trash, ice, snow or puddles of water is allowed to accumulate in an outdoor fire pit, it can result in severe damage to the product. A local hardscaper can explain how moisture or precipitation that has repeatedly frozen then thawed can cause rust, cracking and other fire pit damage.

It’s easy to avoid these problems by regularly cleaning out a fire pit to remove any debris that has blown in or built up from people tossing trash into the basin. It’s also a good idea to keep the surrounding areas and pathways leading to a fire pit freshly swept or cleared with a plastic shovel.

Find a Fire Pit Contractor Near Me

This is a common search phrase people use when they plan to install an outdoor fire pit or want to know more about how to properly winterize an existing fire pit system. A few simple tasks performed regularly can keep an outdoor fire pit looking beautiful and functioning well all year ’round. Call today!