Prevent Cold Weather and Precipitation Damage for Gainesville Hardscaping Projects

Having an outdoor fireplace is perfect for year ’round entertaining. The Gainesville climate is a plus, although a significant drop in temperatures may occur during winter months. While it’s nice to sit by a warm, crackling fire on a chilly evening, it’s important to keep winter maintenance in mind so the structure of the fireplace doesn’t suffer damage due to cold weather or precipitation.

Always keep the stones and open pit of an outdoor fireplace clear of debris, and swept free of ice and snow. While it’s easy to assume that leaving a pile of snow on an outdoor fireplace isn’t a big deal because it will melt, it can actually lead to cracks and other damage because of the repeated constriction and expansion that occurs when water freezes, then thaws.

Winterize a Gas-fueled Outdoor Fireplace

Ask any outdoor fireplace contractor in Gainesville, and he or she will undoubtedly say that it’s always best to close the gas regulator at the bottom of the fire pit when preparing for winter. It’s also a good idea to clean the burner and inside of the fire pit with a mild cleanser and water.

Don’t Forget to Store Away Accessories

In addition to clearing leaves, rubble or snow away from an outdoor fireplace, storing away accessories should be part of the winterization process. If left lying around, accessories might rust or blow away in a strong wind, possibly causing property damage.

Choose a Cover that Fits Well

A custom outdoor fireplace contractor can recommend various types of covers to help prevent winter damage. If a vinyl, tarp-style cover is used, it’s important to keep it taut; this prevents water from pooling on top. There are sturdier protective fireplace covers available. Some metal covers not only protect from the elements but will extinguish flames as well.

Gainesville Hardscaping Contractors Can Help

An outdoor fireplace contractor in Gainesville can provide more helpful winterization tips to avoid damage, such as stone cracks, discoloration, rust on natural stones, brick or other fireplace materials. Call our custom outdoor fireplace contractors to start preparing for winter!