Avoid Cold Weather Damage with These Tips

An experienced local hardscaper understands how important maintenance and preventive measures are to keeping a paver patio in tip top shape throughout the winter season. Installing a paver patio in Gainesville doesn’t mean there’s no risk for inclement weather damage, even if the climate in this state is milder than those that are north of here.

Keeping several local hardscaper winterization tips in mind can help get the longest shelf life possible out of a paver patio in Gainesville

Get a Head Start on Winterization by Sealing a Paver Patio

Hardscaping in Gainesville VA doesn’t just include design and installation of a paver patio project. A local hardscaper can help a homeowner get a jump on winterization by applying sealant to a patio surface to protect it from erosion and cold weather damage. Sealants come in water or solvent bases, creating a protective barrier between paver stones and precipitation, which helps prevent freezing and cracks.

Use Plastic Shovels to Avoid Snow Accumulation

As water freezes and melts, it contracts and expands. When this occurs over and over again on a paver patio, it can result in cracks or other stone damage. Using a plastic shovel to keep the area free from accumulation helps protect paver stones from winter damage. If there’s a heavy snowfall, a snow blower can be used. Metal shovels, however, should be avoided because they can cause pavers to chip or crack.

Only Use Salt-free De-icing Products

Applying salt to a paver patio to protect it from snow and ice accumulation might seem like a logical winterization choice. Salt is abrasive and should not be used on paver stones. There is also moisture in salt, which can seep into paver stones, then freeze. When this happens repeatedly, it can cause stones to crack. When hardscaping in Gainesville VA, ask about de-icing options that are non-abrasive to winterize a paver patio.

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