Update Home Exterior with Stone Veneer

The outside appearance of a home is the first thing visitors, in particular, prospective buyers see. Many people love the old-world look and feel of stone. Stone installation, however, is typically cumbersome and, therefore, expensive. An economically feasible alternative is stone veneer. Veneer has the same high-level appeal as stone but is easier to apply and costs less.

Benefits of Using Stone Veneer

A homeowner might wonder, “Where can I find a hardscaper near me?” Connecting with a local hardscaping company is a logical first step to take to learn more about stone veneer design and the installation process. One of the greatest benefits that comes from opting for veneer over stone is versatility. Veneer can be applied to almost any existing surface. In addition to the exterior structure of a house, a hardscaper in Leesburg VA can create fluidity with a veneer theme that carries over into surrounding areas, such as retaining walls, patios, a poolside and more.

Stone veneer is lightweight yet durable. Homeowners love the fact that it stands up well to changes in climate. Veneer comes in a variety of styles and textures. Because veneer is applied in panel form, it is easy to maintain.

A New Look that Boosts Curb Appeal

Especially for an older home that may be discolored from sunlight or have damaged siding or bricks, a local hardscaping company can give it a brand new look! Installing stone veneer improves the value of a home and is sure to attract the eye of a prospective buyer.

Find a Hardscaper Near Me

Connecting with a hardscaper in Leesburg Va is a great way to get recommendations on travertine, bluestone, sandstone, slate or other stone veneer products to transform the overall look of a home’s exterior by using modern, high-quality products to create a classic, elegant appearance. Do you want your home to standout in your community? Let’s talk about your project today!