Get the Best Return on a Hardscape Investment

Hardscaping in Chantilly VA is a booming industry. Outdoor fireplaces are popular hardscape features. A local hardscaper understands that the custom design and professional installation process is only the beginning phases of creating a beautiful, unique backyard oasis that will last for years. Proper maintenance is also key to getting as much shelf life as possible out of an outdoor fireplace.

Chantilly has a temperate climate, with autumn and winter months often including heavy rainfall, sleet or snow. Any custom fireplace installer in Chantilly will attest to the fact that the five tips included in the following list are helpful for fireplace maintenance:

  • Keep an outdoor fireplace covered when not in use.
  • Avoid letting rubble or debris pile up inside the pit.
  • Periodically inspect exhaust fans and ventilation systems on gas fireplace.
  • Store firewood in a dry, cool place.
  • Put away accessories when not in use.

The sections below provide a brief explanation of each fireplace maintenance tip.

Ask Local Hardscapers About Protective Covers

Keep an outdoor fireplace covered when it’s not in use. A custom fireplace installer in Chantilly can help fireplace owners explore options to select a cover that best fits a particular fireplace design. From vinyl tarps to heavier cover materials such as metal, the purpose of a cover is to keep the open pit or burners dry and free of debris.

Avoid Debris Build-up

Rubble, leaves or other debris in an outdoor fireplace can lead to soggy build-up that causes weeds to grow between stones. Regularly sweep or shovel the area to keep it clean and dry.

Outdoor Fireplace Maintenance Should Include Checking Gas and Ventilation

On a gas-fueled outdoor fireplace, it’s best to turn off the gas to check the exhaust fan, burners, and ventilation system periodically. It’s important to clean faux logs as well.

Properly Store Firewood and All Accessories

Firewood should be well-seasoned before it’s burned. It’s best to store it in a wood shed or drying rack. Pokers and other outdoor fireplace accessories will stay in better condition if they’re not left lying around the yard. Call today for more maintenance tips!