Custom Outdoor Fireplaces

Falls Church Outdoor Fireplace Builders Are Ready for Your Next Project

Do you have outdoor fireplace ideas swirling in your thoughts? When you step outside your door, do you imagine a beautiful stone fireplace with warm, glowing flames and picture yourself and your loved ones gathered around on a breezy autumn evening?

Outdoor fireplace ideas are trending nowadays! Our Falls Church outdoor fireplace builders can make your hardscape dreams a reality! Why stay indoors when you can enjoy the sights and sounds of nature while sipping your favorite beverage and chatting with friends and family at the hearth of a custom-built outdoor fireplace?

Custom Outdoor Fireplaces Should Be Designed By Experienced Craftsmen

An outdoor fireplace adds beauty, warmth and value to your home. You not only want it to look nice, however, but be safe to use as well. We build custom outdoor fireplaces with safety in mind from start to finish. Prior to installation, we’ll assess wind patterns, trees and other foliage, and numerous other issues to help you choose the perfect location for your new hardscape design.

Choose from a wide variety of sizes, textures, colors and shapes for a design that suits your style and budget. Unwinding after a long day’s work is easy when you have the comfort and coziness of an outdoor fireplace at home. There’s no need to book a cottage months in advance just to get some rest and relaxation when you have the same “ski lodge ambiance” right in your own backyard! Contact us to get started on your next project!

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