With Labor Day behind us, you may be thinking about prepping your yard for the cooler months ahead. To help you prepare, we’ve created a timeline so your patio, outdoor living space, or pool area will be cold-weather ready! 

Early Fall (September/October)

Remove Perennial Weeds from Hardscaping 

This includes retaining walls, stone pool decks, patios, stone pavers, and any other hardscaping on your property. These areas can quickly become home to weeds that thrive in hard-to-reach cracks and border areas where the stone and grass meet. Fall is also the perfect time to get rid of weeds in your yard, such as pesky dandelions. You can tackle this affordably in early fall using a standard weed-killer from a local home improvement store. 

Protect Your Flagstone and Close Your Pool 

September can be a gamble when it comes to weather, with a few days being chilly and the rest being moderate to warm. This means it’s time to close up shop on the pool.  In addition to the usual tasks of vacuuming, draining the water, and balancing out chemicals; you’ll also need to winterize your stone pool deck. To effectively do this, regularly sweep away falling leaves and debris. This important because as leaves decay, they can permanently discolor and ruin the look of the stone.  Additionally, the debris can cause mold to grow, which can also alter the color of the stone. 

You should set an appointment for an annual re-sealing in the fall. Doing these things means that when winter hits, your surface will be clear so you can easily sweep off the snow quickly. This prevents melting snow and ice from penetrating the flagstone joints and causing cracks. 

Mid-Fall (November)

Stockpile Wood for Your Outdoor Fireplace

Now that fall has arrived, it’s the best time to use your outdoor fireplace to its fullest potential. Your quiet summer evenings will morph into cozy autumn nights snuggled up around the fire, and you’ll need plenty of wood to fuel those moments. 

Plan Outdoor Cooking With Fall in Mind 

Since fall in Virginia is relatively mild, you can safely keep your outdoor kitchen running for a while. However, if you decide to retire your outdoor kitchen until the spring, you should consider draining all water pipes feeding the sink or any other outdoor appliances. This will help prevent pipes from bursting and destroying your appliances. 

Once you’ve fully prepped your yard and outdoor living spaces for the fall and winter months, you can rest assured that your grand opening in the spring will be as relaxing as the approaching warm weather.  Additionally, your outdoor space will be ready for relaxing and entertaining throughout the winter months. Just because the weather is cooling, it doesn’t mean the good times are as well!