Custom Outdoor Fireplaces

Leesburg Outdoor Fireplace Builders Keep the Smoke Outside

Have you always loved the idea of snuggling by the warm glow of an evening fire but not so much the smell of smoke building up inside your home? We think you’ll love our outdoor fireplace ideas! Custom outdoor fireplaces are trending in Leesburg and surrounding regions. A southern climate is perfect for year-round outdoor entertaining.

A custom outdoor fireplace enables you to enjoy the cozy ambiance of an indoor hearth without the build-up of soot and smoke that goes with it! Our Leesburg outdoor fireplace builders will carefully assess your property to help you choose the best location for an outdoor fire space. Safety is a top priority when using open flames outdoors. Our expert craftsmen will help you choose a location that helps reduce fire hazards. Custom outdoor fireplaces reduce toxicity, which tends to increase with an indoor fire.

Cook Your Next Family Dinner Over a Custom Outdoor Fireplace

The next time your planning a family get together, you can put your master chefs on display by cooking a meal over the open flame of an outdoor fireplace! Use outdoor fireplace ideas to increase your options for year-round outdoor activities. Add value and enhance the beauty of your property with a custom-built backyard fireplace!

Keep the fire outside to reduce health hazards and prevent smoke build up and odors indoors. Relax after work, toast marshmallows with the kids or enjoy a romantic date night in the comfort and privacy of your own backyard. Contact us today to start planning!

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