It can be difficult to get past the chill of winter, especially when you enjoy being outside. Already this winter, we’ve experienced bitterly cold temps and intense weather patterns that have kept us locked indoors for days, curled up in front of our fireplaces.

However, what if you could be curled up in front of your fireplace outdoors? It’s possible with backyard fire pits and large outdoor fireplaces complete with stone hearths begging to be snuggled up to or cooked with. You can make this a reality by putting new winter hardscaping plans in place. 

Here are the season’s best hardscaping ideas to bring your space to life in 2020.

1. A “Cozy Area” for Hot Chocolate Nights

Many top resorts have adopted this concept in order to boost camaraderie and create new memories for their guests. They scatter cozy fire pits around the property where people can gather and relax. To encourage this, many resorts give their guests a S’mores kit upon arrival to encourage them to visit the fire pits, de-stress, and enjoy each other’s company. 

This concept flows perfectly into why homeowners build their own fire pits. The relaxation of a warm fire, a beautiful design, and a customized place to cozy up with family and friends on chilly Virginia nights. 

2. An Outdoor Fireplace that Showcases Your Winter Gourmand Skills

Wintertime is notorious for its tasty treats. Be it cookies, candies, roasts, or turkey, it’s a time-honored tradition to spend more time in the kitchen. This leaves cooking over an open-flame as something that’s reserved for summer and fall, unless you have the proper amenities. This is where a cook’s outdoor fireplace comes in to save the day and provide a creative twist to your food prep. 

Outdoor fireplaces vary from campfires and BBQ pits because it’s built specifically for cooking and provides more precise control of cooking temperatures. Additionally, they come with accessories that enhance your outdoor cooking experience, such as rotisserie spits, pizza ovens and implements for cooking with cast-iron cookery. 

3. The Overgrown Stone “Driveway”

If you’re currently in the planning stages, you can get this started as soon as there’s a break in the weather. Take the time to educate yourself on the many stone options available so you can choose something that’s completely “you”, fitting your budget and lifestyle. 

Not every driveway is created equally. There’s boring concrete, or there’s a beautiful, overgrown terrace meant to accommodate both vehicles and pedestrians comfortably. It’s easy to create a driveway-sized space with stone set inches apart to allow fro growth in the crevices. This is a durable, sturdy area that can hold cars, yet provides a sense of beauty and serenity for guests. It can also be a terrific solution for properties that are driveway-centered, as it provides camouflage for the driveway and makes your home more pedestrian-friendly and welcoming.

We Invite to You to Get Planning!

We don’t just want to give you great ideas, here at COVIS — we want to bring them to life with you as well! However, if you’re simply in the beginning stages, we understand that too. That’s why our blog is full of more ideas like these, with inspiration to help you get started. We welcome you to click around, ask for help, contact us to chat, or call for a quote, wherever you are with your winter plans!