Custom Driveways & Entrances

Custom driveways and private roads comprised of stone, cobblestone, flagstone paver, or brick have an immediate visual impact upon arrival. COVIS offers the best custom driveway design and paving services in Alexandria, Fairfax and Annandale. With our team of experts, you can count on us to always provide the highest-quality services; contact us today for a free consultation and quote for your home’s stone or brick driveway project.


Our customized driveway designs and paving solutions boosts the curb appeal of your home, seamlessly tying your outside living space elements with the aesthetic of your house. Our top paved driveway services are extremely low-maintenance, with an ability to bear a heavier load than most concrete driveways without cracking. The pavers we employ “flex” to accommodate significant pressure and weight, but if any settling or displacement occurs, one of our stone and brick driveway experts can easily make quick repairs.



Our custom paved driveways and private roads are constructed for support, strength, and durability, with our paving process reflecting the commitment we have to excellence and quality throughout each step of installation. These steps include:

  • Removal of existing driveway:  We’ll break up and clear existing concrete and other materials.

  • Preparation of the sub-base:  Comprised of ABC stone + screen materials around 8 1/4″ inches deep, our base preparation is absolutely key to the integrity of your new paved driveway.

  • Installation of paving stone: Our installers in Ashburn, Gainesville and Alexandria lay driveway pavers down and flawlessly fit them to ensure a balanced, attractive surface.

  • Application of polymeric sand:  This is applied to the small spaces between every paver, providing stability and interlocking the paving stones together.

  • Installation of concrete edging:  This is done on the outer edges of the newly-paved driveway, giving it a clean, complete look.

If you’re looking for the top Annandale, Fairfax and Alexandria custom stone and brick driveway designers, call COVIS for consultation and pricing. Our management team has 30 years of combined experience as driveway pavers and working in the hardscape industry.