Custom Retaining Walls & Gardens

Solving the issue of a sloping lawn or uneven yard can easily be achieved through constructing a custom stone retaining wall. COVIS provides your Ashburn, Gainesville or Alexandria home with stone retaining wall construction to assist with elevation shifts and uneven slopes.  Retaining walls provide a functional and structurally stable solution to a fairly useless space.


Our professional team offers custom retaining wall construction from both concrete and stone. This allows your yard to be level while also beautifying areas including gardens, pool decks, fire pits, and patios. Our customized retaining wall designs hold back the earth in certain spots while also creating usable areas with multiple uses:


  • Providing Structural Support

  • Leveling a Slope

  • Constructing Terraces

  • Building Steps & Stairs

  • Creating Planters & Garden Beds

  • Designing Multilevel Patios or Decks

  • Preventing Erosion

If you’d like to landscape or do yard work, but don’t have the level surface necessary in order to do either, contact COVIS for the best custom retaining wall construction services in Alexandria, Ashburn and Gainesville. 


COVIS places quality and durability ahead of everything else when it comes to our Virginia hardscaping services. Our custom stone retaining walls are built to withstand the force of gravity, weather, weight, and everything else a retaining wall will likely face. Our retaining wall construction is done with the strongest materials, significant structural integrity, and the drainage necessary to ensure endurance over the years.

If you’re looking for the best retaining wall construction and design, call COVIS for consultation and pricing. Our retaining wall and hardscaping experts serve Northern Virginia areas such as Alexandria, Ashburn, Gainesville, Annandale and Fairfax.