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Now is the Perfect Time to Customize Your Home with an Outdoor Walkway

When a homeowner pulls into his or her driveway after work, the grounds come into view. Whether a small home on a corner lot or a palatial property, it’s home sweet home, and people want their homes to look nice. An outdoor stone walkway not only welcomes family members back home after a long, hard day, it also welcomes guests as they make their way to the door or backyard.

Experience is Key When Hiring a Stone Walkway Contractor

Is it possible to gather random rocks and stones to line an outdoor walkway? Yes, but whether or not it’s a good idea is another question altogether. A hardscape company experienced in designing and installing a stone walkway can turn an ordinary, drab pathway into a thing of beauty. Our team is fully equipped to install a specially designed stone walkway, as well as paver patios, outdoor living spaces, pool decks and more!

Difference Between a Paver Walkway, a Stone Walkway and Other Options

Choosing whether to opt for paver walkways or a flagstone or travertine path can be challenging for homeowners preparing for their next hardscape installation project. The following list includes reasons a client might choose one over the other:

  • Pavers are typically more cost-effective and look great.
  • Natural stone, like flagstone and travertine tend to be higher priced, yet can offer a greater return on investment.
  • Natural stone has a timeless look that many homeowners say adds character to any exterior.
  • Either option makes installation efficient and all come in a variety of shapes, colors and sizes offering natural beauty and elegance all their own.

Our experienced hardscape designers can make recommendations and help a particular client decide what would best fit his or her needs, budget and ultimate hardscape project goals.

Budget, Longevity and Style Are Key Considerations to All Walkway Projects

When the goal is to transform an outdoor space through master workmanship, originality and economically feasible means, our experienced hardscape contractor team is ready to foster a great relationship to help our clients bring their design dreams to fruition. Let’s talk about the project you’ve been dreaming about!

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