From sharing stories to roasting marshmallows around a flame, fire pits truly enhance the entertainment value of an outdoor space. The hardscaping experts at COVIS stone build fire pits from natural stone veneers and other sophisticated earthen materials. Many of our clients want to design a custom fire pit that coordinates with the rest of their yard’s natural atmosphere. But choosing between the convenience of gas and the tradition of wood is worth some consideration. To assist with that decision, here is some more information about the difference between gas fire pits and wood fire pits:

Gas Fire Pits


Convenient: Simply turn on the gas, light a match, and the fire is going strong. This is great for a quick reprieve outside or when you don’t want to keep company waiting.

Smell: If you don’t like smoke in your eyes and in your clothes, gas fire pits eliminate this noticeable feature.

Cleaner: There’s no need to clean out ashes or dump water on a smoldering log, giving you more time to simply enjoy the yard.


Running out of gas: You’ll need to keep propane on hand to keep the flames lit.

Safety: The gas fire pit must remain properly covered or you risk damaging the combustible lava rocks.

Warmth: Some say that gas fire pits can’t quite get to the same temperature as wood fire pits.

Wood Fire Pits


Tradition: Some of our customers think that watching logs burn has a certain mesmerizing energy.

Heat: Wood burning fire pits might keep you more warm and cozy than the fire from a gas unit.

Fuel: Do you have a lot of wood on your property? It’s a lot easier to throw on a log than heading to the store to fill propane tanks.


Smoke: When the wind gusts, some people might get doused in an unpleasant column of smoke.

Safety: Without a safety screen for the ashes, wood fire pits can start wildfires. Homeowners need to stay vigilant and should never leave a fire unsupervised.

Maintenance: You will need to regularly clean out ash from your wood fire pit, and possibly other materials if it wasn’t covered.

Further questions? Whichever type of fire pit you decide to install in your backyard, COVIS Stone has the experience, service, and tools necessary to do a quality job. Call us now for a consultation at 571.222.4101.