Outdoor Grill Islands

Ideas to Turn Your Backyard Into a Resort-Like Oasis

Day in and day out, we are typically cooped up inside a building at work and when we leave, we then head home to only be confined inside again. Longing to break free from this age-old routine, outdoor living seems to be the trending solution we have been looking for. Outdoor living means taking indoor activities like cooking, watching television, reading, and others to the outdoors in a super comfortable and convenient environment. This means transforming your backyard into a resort-like getaway to spend quality time with friends and family.

Grill Island with Drawers, Sink, Fridge & More

When someone talks about outdoor living at home, the first thing that typically comes to mind is a small patio with some chairs, which lacks functionality because it only serves one purpose. One trending idea to add functionality to your backyard is having a custom outdoor grill island built and installed. Outdoor grill islands offer unmatched ambiance and is a great way to entertain your family and friends while cooking up their favorite meal. Nothing says resort-like oasis than a custom-built outdoor grill island with built in storage drawers, a fridge, a sink and plenty of counter space.

Plenty of Bar Seating

Do you remember a time when you went on vacation and just thoroughly enjoyed the outdoor bar at a resort? Sitting there with friends and relaxing the day away?

Just like being at a resort, bar seating is another way to transform your standard backyard into a unique getaway, which compliments any custom grill island. Picture yourself in your outdoor living space catching up with your friends and family while they watch you mix up their favorite beverage. Sounds awesome, right? Relax, entertain, read a book, or watch television by adding bar seating to your backyard.

Turn to COVIS to Build Your Outdoor Grill Island

Perhaps you have chosen a specific theme for your backyard oasis. You are now perhaps looking for a company that can help you design a custom outdoor grill island with a built in grill. Contact COVIS today as we are the expert professionals that understand all your backyard patio and kitchen needs. We offer over 45 years worth of expertise to design and build a custom outdoor kitchen for your backyard. We also offer professional gas grill installation services. So, when searching for a reputable and dependable company that can help you with gas grill installation and custom outdoor kitchen construction, we are the ones you can trust. Contact us so we can talk about your project today.

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