You’ve decided to update your backyard and add some landscaping.  Before you begin creating your perfect outdoor living space, have you considered adding hardscaping to your design?  Chances are you have probably thought about including it into your design without really knowing the difference between the two.  Most people are familiar with the concept of landscaping. However, hardscaping is adding an aesthetic development within a landscape that is created by materials such as stone and pavers.  Adding hardscape elements to your landscape is a great way to enhance your outdoor living space, while creating areas to showcase the natural beauty of your backyard.

Bring Everything Together

When beginning the design of your backyard, consider starting with the design of the hardscape features.  A common outdoor living trend is to have the hardscape feature as the focal point of your landscape design.  Beginning with the design of the hardscape will ensure that you have enough space and provide a guide for where your landscape elements can be added.  A well-designed hardscape gives the ability to blend and complement the features of your landscape. For example, having a back patio created out of stone or pavers provides a variety of accent borders, unique patterns and creative designs that are not possible with concreate slabs.  Bringing these options to a patio design allows for a more seamless transition between the landscape and hardscape.

Reduce Yard Maintenance

Adding hardscaping to your landscape design also reduces the area in which you will have to maintain.  Creating a beautiful new landscape sounds great at first but you may not realize the hedging and pruning required.  With the addition of a fire pit, outdoor fireplace or pathway, you are able to reduce the amount of grass you have to cut.  You still get the beauty of an outdoor living space but without the time-consuming weekend chores.

Adding Dimension To Your Design

Lastly, when beginning to design a backyard landscape project, it is important to consider adding dimension.  Hardscape elements such as retaining walls allow you to create dimension and elevations or change any uneven slopes in your outdoor areas.  When adding these walls, flat areas are created that can be used for flower beds or other plants that are part of your landscape design.

When looking to landscape your yard, begin by looking at what hardscaping you want to incorporate.  Let us at COVIS show you how we can bring your landscape to life. Call to schedule your free consultation with our talented designers and hardscape professionals today.